Zest for…Yogurt?

I’m a big fan of greek yogurt, and I’m happy to see that it’s catching on as a reasonably healthy, easy, grab-n-go snack that tastes good…they’re hard to come by!

Read labels carefully though – those fruity flavors may sound delicious and they’re labeled in such a way to make you think they’re boosting the healthy benefits of an already great snack, but it may come with a little more than you bargained for – added sugars . I reviewed two popular brands of greek yogurt (both fat-free and 2%) and found the plain variety contains from 15-17g protein and 7-8g sugars per serving.  The flavored varieties contain less protein (10-15g) and more than double the sugar (17-29g/serving)!

Stick with plain to keep the sugar to a minimum, add some Splenda or your own fresh fruit to sweeten.  For a more intense flavor – add some ZEST! Zest a quarter of a lemon or orange, or half of a lime directly into your yogurt and stir. Flavor INFUSION, and next to 0 calories (2 actually, per teaspoon of zest…and that’s a LOT of zest)!



    • Nancy D on March 18, 2011 at 11:30 am
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    Oooh…. Zest is a great suggestion!! I hadn’t thought about that before. Yumm!

    I too am a big fan of Greek Yogurt. You have to be cautious though and really READ THOSE LABELS! With the growing popularity of greek yogurt I’ve seen many mainstream brands coming out with greek yogurt varieties. Check out the those labels!

    I’ve noted that not all are created equal in two particular areas: ingredients and protein levels. What I consider ‘true’ greek yogurt is made of milk and active cultures – that’s it and contains about 15g – 17g of protein per serving just as you indicate. Those mainstream brands have about half the protein per serving and ingredients include a thickening agent such as pectin, though they do come with a cheaper price tag. For me, this is one instance when you get what you pay for and I’d rather spend the extra and get the quality goodness that greek yogurt has to offer.

    Side note: I like mine with a few craisns and walnuts. Depending on mood and what’s in my cupboard I may sweeten it up with either honey (traditional for greek yogurt), agave or splenda.


  1. Hey Nancy thanks for the comment! The zest really does add a ton of fresh flavor!

    Great to point out the ingredients list as well! It’s not always just about calories and macros…really it shouldn’t contain a whole lot of anything other than what you said (and fruit, if you get the fruit flavored kind).

    I agree on the more “mainstream” brands, even some of the plain varieties of those have less protein and more sugar than others. I looked at Chobani and Fage here, assuming they were the most widely recognized, though I do know that Stonyfield Farm, Athenos and Dannon all have their own line now, as well as some even newer ones I’ve never heard of! It’s the new in thing to do 😉

    I’m not sold on the craisins with walnuts, but some chopped apple w/ walnut is fantastic! Blueberries with almonds is another fave of mine 🙂

    Regardless, looks like you know your stuff Ms. Nancy! Awesome 🙂

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