Why Bloom?

A lot of people have asked me (and by “a lot” I may be exaggerating slightly) why I chose the name Bloom Fitness for this business, so I thought I’d take a quick minute of your time to talk about it.

If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably already read how I came to be a trainer and how I found fitness.  Because of that experience, I really spent some time trying to find a name that truly encompassed multiple aspects of that journey…I really wanted the name to both indicate a process (growth and transformation, something that occurs over a period of time), and to encompass all the benefits gained from fitness, healthy eating and healthy living (endurance, timelessness, strength, balance, and general health).

(A tall order for one little name! No pressure!)

A long understood symbol of good health and vitality, to be “in bloom” one must be well nourished and in good health in order to support new life as it continues to grow up towards the sun and shine to its full potential.  As a noun, bloom means: A condition or time of vigor, freshness, and beauty; prime. As a verb, bloom means: To shine; glow. To grow or flourish with youth and vigor.

Bloom Fitness.  It was perfect!  It’s everything I experienced and it’s everything I was looking for, hopefully it’s what you’re looking for as well. Glowing vitality, strength, enduring youthfulness – we all want those things! So take a chance, and see what opens up when you start to Bloom.

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