Start A Thing: Week 3

A week of success, and feeling like I’m really making a lasting change this time. Many times in the past I’ve attempted to add a solid stretching program into my regular training, and many times I’ve not been successful. But two weeks in, with a little help from you guys (accountability, it works!), some focus, and some planning ahead – I’m feeling confident that this time is different!

Last week’s (wk 2) goal: At least two stretches after at least three training sessions + 1 Yoga DVD

Survey says?! Done!

Shoulders/Arms on Monday
Hips/Back/Hamstrings on Tuesday
Chest/Shoulders/Arms again on Thursday
Quads/Hamstrings (brief, not entirely focused, but done) on Friday
Today, Sunday – Yoga DVD (Rodney Yee, AM Yoga For Your Week, Hip Openers program)

[important]Week 3 Goals: at least two stretches after all (four) training sessions + 1 Yoga DVD[/important]

If you’re just joining in, let’s hear about it. If you’ve already been participating, tell us your goals for this week, how are you building on last week? Plan ahead to start the week on a positive note, strong and looking forward to more progress!

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