Start A Thing: Week 2

What a week, it really was one for the books!

Last week, along with many of you, I started my new thing – making stretching a consistent part of my training.  The plan? Start slow and build from there:

Week 1 – at least two stretches after two training sessions + 1 Yoga DVD

I started off well (don’t we all), then I FORGOT (it’s true), and then the week threw some “stuff” my way (doesn’t it always), and things got a little rocky. Here’s the full report:

Monday: after working shoulders and arms, I did some upper body stretching.

Tuesday: it slipped my mind completely and I was totally busted!

Wednesday, Thursday
: None. That’s where the week hit me with some “stuff,” and it just didn’t get done.

: Stuff was still pretty hectic, but I did a Yoga program on DVD on Friday evening (for you inquiring minds: Rodney Yee, AM Yoga for Your Week, ‘Twists’)

: I swapped my normal leg training session from Friday to Saturday (yep, stuff), and got my 2nd stretch session in after that workout.

As you can see, I didn’t go above and beyond, in fact I barely squeezed in the minimum and you know what? I’m pretty happy with myself for just getting that done. And, because I started small, I can still claim this week as a success. Like training and eating right is now, I know eventually “stuff” won’t always get in the way as this becomes more a part of my every day routine (it wasn’t always that way).

So what’s on tap for Week 2? For me, I’m hoping things are a little less crazy and there’s a little less “stuff,”  but more specifically…

Week 2 – at least two stretches after at least three training sessions + 1 Yoga DVD
(I’m adding the “at least” language for an additional push this week :))

[important]What are you doing to step it up a little from last week? Or if you’re just joining us – tell us how you’re planning to “Start A Thing.” Talk it up – the accountability with others helps you and encourages other people. Let’s hear it…Facebook, Twitter (use #SAT2), or right here in comments![/important]



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