Start A Thing: Always Time

A little late in wrapping up Week 3, but I’m super happy to report that I met that weekly goal, and even managed three stretches after two of four sessions. Also, on Saturday I did the yoga “Hip Openers” program on my DVD (again).

This week the goal is to add at least that third stretch to all sessions and continue to include at least one DVD program. I’m on track, although this week is a little different than most.  This coming Saturday I have a competition so I only had 2 training sessions this week – one on Monday and one on Tuesday. Both days I was successful, which means technically I only have my Yoga DVD to complete and I’m set. That said, not stretching again until next week or until I get that Yoga program done won’t really help my cause (that consistency thing again), so I’m putting it out there right now to all of you – in addition to that Yoga program that remains, I will stretch after my cardio sessions both Wednesday & Thursday, and after my competition on Saturday.

And there it is! Feeling better and better about my THING!


There's always time to do this, can't stress that enough!

On another note  (and an important one), I’ve heard from a few people that they’re thinking about their “thing” and getting started soon, but have some concerns that they’re a little ‘late.’ Here’s the thing about starting a thing – there’s never a perfect time, and you’re never too late. Ever. It can be a Monday, it can be a Thursday, or it can be the 167th day of the year. It doesn’t matter…there’s always time. So just start, we’ll work through the kinks as we go.


So what are you waiting for? Is it time to start today?  Need help? Just ask 🙂 Otherwise – subscribe, leave me a comment below, tweet, or ‘Like” Bloom on Facebook and join me there.



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