Showing Up

Oh you know how it goes, the same as it does with a lot of folks for making time for their workouts, eating right, etc….we get busy or life throws us a curve ball and something (or thingS) fall by the wayside.  For me, thankfully given what I do, I don’t tend to lose track of my health or fitness…those things for me are now sanity keepers! If I miss a workout or eat poorly for a few days, I tend to feel worse.  Nope – my “thing” that falls to the wayside is blogging.  And that’s no good either, there are lots of good reasons for me to keep on bloggin’.

So yeah…you’ve fallen off the <whatever> wagon for a while but eventually the smoke starts to clear and you start thinking, “oh yeah…I should get back to that! Tomorrow…” And then tomorrow comes, and the thought jumps back in your head, but well…it’s HARD to pick yourself up and go again! I’ve been doing that the past few days, “I need to write! Tomorrow I’ll write something…”

Well now tomorrow has come and gone a few times, and yet I’m only just writing this *now* and well – you still don’t know what I’m writing about, do you? Hah.

Truth is, I’m not sure either. But I know if I didn’t just START and the longer I took to get back to it, the harder and harder it would become. The easier it would get to say “tomorrow,” again. I have no more excuses for not getting it done and I know I want to get it done, so today I’m just doing it – just showing up.  And tomorrow I’ll do the same (with something hopefully slightly more useful to say).

Leave me a comment and tell me what you need to show up for.

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