Monday: The Day to Start a Thing

Oh Mondays! I think we have a perpetual love/hate relationship with Mondays. It’s a day to wipe the slate clean and start new and fresh, but it’s also shadowed as the dreaded day where we start making promises to ourselves that often go unmet. “I’m going to go to the gym, starting Monday.” Or, “I’m going to quit smoking, starting Monday!” or even the famous,  “I’m going to start a diet on Monday.” One of the main reasons (we’ve talked about this before) that this approach usually ends in broken promises is we tend go a little crazy – with all our good intentions, we’re eager to make sweeping changes all at once and we get a little overwhelmed.

In honor of “starting on Monday,” I propose something new. I mean, it’s Monday – so it’s the right day for it, right?! Let’s take on a challenge and start something new, and this time – really make it happen. Novel 🙂

Here’s how it works:

  • You pick your thing, whatever thing it is you want to begin – post it up here.
  • I will help make sure you start off slowly so you don’t jump in over your head, feel overwhelmed in the first three days and end up quitting.
  • I will help hold you accountable to your thing – check in with you and make sure you’re really getting it done, or help you find solutions to whatever you may find standing in your way.
  • We can talk on Twitter, on Facebook, or even right here in comments – your choice.

And – I’ll play along, I have a THING I really need to make happen myself.

What’s my thing? I woefully neglect stretching as a regular part of my training. It’s true! I rarely do it and when I do, it’s hurried and incomplete. I know all the benefits that come from a good stretching program, but still, I rarely do it. I really should be ashamed of myself, I know it will do nothing but help me perform better and remain injury free.

But shame is useless, it’s time to just take action: Starting Monday, I’m going to start stretching.  I’ll start small, get used to incorporating this into my routine, and then gradually add a little each week. Here’s the outline of my stretching challenge for myself:

[important]Week 1 – at least two stretches after two training sessions + 1 Yoga DVD
Week 2 – two stretches after three training sessions + 1 Yoga DVD
Week 3 – two stretches after all (four) training sessions + 1 Yoga DVD
Week 4 – three stretches after all training sessions + 1 Yoga DVD
Week 5 – three stretches after all training sessions + 2 Yoga DVDs
Week 6 – maintenance (the real challenge begins!)[/important]

I’ll also post each day I achieve my goal along with links to demos of the stretches I perform.

If you’d like, join me in this stretching program…even if you’re not working out regularly, this can be your start to developing some consistency in movement. If you need help identifying good or appropriate stretches, just ask!

Otherwise, what are you going to take on, what’s your thing?

Let’s make Monday the right day to start a thing. Ready? Set. Go!


  1. I love the idea of starting a “thing” It sounds so achievable. I know what my “thing” should be — sleep. I just hope work and my family let me do it. But I can do my part by going to bed my 11 unless I really am *working* (not internet-surfing) or talking to my kids.

  2. I like it! So bed by 11 – do you have a goal of how many nights (to start) this week? Maybe easier said than done…but maybe aim for 2 and cut back other nights to as close to 11 as you can?

    Keep me posted on how you do this week 🙂

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