Making (not finding) Time

“All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that.” – Baltasar Gracian

Ok you’ve done it – you’ve committed! That’s a huge step and you should be feeling great about it! But suddenly you’re struck with this thought – “ok but HOW am I going to make the time to fit everything in?!”

Everyone struggles with this, so know that you’re not alone. Second, there are also a LOT of people out there with waaay too much on their plates who DO make it happen. Every day.

Notice I said people who “make it happen.”

Let’s talk the truth here for a second…

You’re going to have to work for the results you’re looking for, they’re not just going to happen by wishing, they’re not just going to happen by working towards them when you feel like it or when you’re schedule is wide open. You’re always going to have meetings and carpools and grocery shopping and work and emergencies and vacations and many, many days where the list goes on “and, and and…” Always. Those days are


One of the most effective ways to make time is to make a plan. Planning now saves time later. Yes it’s hard, it takes work, but it will help you make more effective use of your valuable time, and ultimately aid in your success.

To start:

  • Prioritize by making a list of the “I Must Do’s” and the “I Should Do’s.”
  • Schedule 30 minutes of exercise on your Must Do list at least 3 days a week.
  • Use an hourly planner if you must, and schedule exercise like you would a Dr’s appointment – it’s equally important (and will save you from a few trips later…).

Now that your “Must Do’s” are on the list, where there’s room – go back add in the “Should Do’s” (the car wash will fit in your schedule NEXT week and the world will not end). Be sure to review your Must-Do list frequently, taking care to reprioritize as necessary.

The secret, the biggest time saver of all? Start all of this now. I often hear, “I’ll start after…(vacation, the holidays, the weekend, meetings, business travel, the company party…).” Or, “I’ll start when life gets back to normal.” You name it, I’ve heard it, or I’ve said it myself. Guess what? That is normal life. If you wait for every event to pass before starting, your life will have passed by and you’ll never know what happened. There is no greater time saver than this one folks – whether it’s cleaning up your nutrition or working out – start today.

This is just a place to get started – you need to sit down and have a heart to heart with yourself and look at setting achievable goals and a plan to reach them that is realistic for your lifestyle. Having a trick or two up your sleeve can get you through in a pinch, but all the tricks in the book won’t help if you don’t have realistic goals, a solid plan of action (that planning thing again), and a positive mindset.

Ultimately, the question becomes a matter of making time, not finding time. Make this your job (or second job) – a “Must-Do” regardless, and your compensation becomes a longer, healthier life. The only things that are truly yours in this life are your time and your health. Really think about that, and try to change your mindset to let that notion guide your priorities.

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