Busted: Day 2

After declaring my body just “done” at the end of a kick-ass workout session this morning, my training partner turned to me and asked, “so what are you going to do now?”

I’ll be honest, I was thinking that this was kind of a weird question.

I replied, “Umm…I’m going home?”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah? I’m not doing cardio today…why?”

“So you were full of crap in your blog?”


No, I’m not full of crap in my blog! I really DO want and need to make stretching a consistent part of my training. Scratch that…it just needs to become a non-issue, it needs to become just as much a part of it as any other exercise would be.

The truth is, I didn’t purposefully and specifically prioritize my stretching prior to going in, and as such it was not on my mind *at all* when he mentioned it. Had my he not been there today, I may not have even realized I missed it until I sat down here tonight to tell you what I did. Amazing accountability.

Lesson 1: plan ahead, be specific and purposeful, and prioritize new THINGS so they become habit. Eventually it will become something you don’t have to be so mindful of because it becomes engrained. Patience and practice.

Lesson 2: pick it up, try again!

I know my goal for the week was to start small with only two stretch sessions, but it certainly wouldn’t have hurt to do more. Technically, I’m still on track, but I’m keeping it real here. I can do better, and start again. Onward!

How about you? Any slips, or still right on track? Let me know – either way we work it out and soldier on.



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    • Danette Thompson on August 3, 2011 at 8:26 am
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    Nope, none of the rest of us ever slip up. Ever. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  1. Hah – I think it’s important that we all understand we’re not alone in this, we alllllll slip up, a lot 🙂

    Are you starting a thing, Danette? If so – please share!

  2. LOL – I like that someone was there to ‘help’ you out. Having support from your friends makes such a difference.

    ps – I’m still working on my ‘thing’ for Monday.

  3. Hey Christina! Yeah it does – huge difference! The ‘help’ I got was right on, just what I needed. We all need a lil’ help once in a while, especially right in the beginning.

    Excited that you’ll be joining in with your thing 🙂

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