Bloom on FitarellaTV

I was super excited to appear with Ms. Jacqueline Carly, AKA Fitarella on her new webTV show FitarellaTV at the start of this new year! We talked bout stuff like weight loss, getting fit, powerlifting, and what’s to come (hmm just what IS to come?!), and I have to say I was pretty psyched about the whole thing 🙂 Check it out here: Bloom on FitarellaTV!

What’s the run down on FitarellaTV?
FitarellaTV is a fun, interactive women’s health show on The Pulse Network, broadcast live online every Monday, 1pm EST. On FTV, no topic is off limits! From nutrition to sex, Fitarella covers it all! And YOU can join the conversation during the live show by calling in, tweeting or skyping. Connect by calling (877-pulse-411), by twitter- @thepulse (#thepulse), or by skype- thepulsenetwork (all one word).

Also mentioned during the interview, my true friend and mentor – Raphael Calzadilla. Please drop by and give a shout out to Raphael over at Fit by Raphael.

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