Bloom at Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships

Last weekend I had the very exciting honor of competing at the 4th Annual Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships in Tampa, FL.  Extremely skilled and powerful, but very friendly and congenial competition made for an all around amazing experience.

The day was captured for airing on Fox Sports  Net and I was lucky enough to be asked for an interview after my 3rd squat – an enormous PR for me at 203.9 pounds! We should be on Fox Sports Net sometime in the next three or four months!  I mentioned during my interview that part of the love I’ve developed for the sport comes from training. Training requires a certain amount of focus, and that’s become my little island of peace and stability even when things get crazy.

There’s also absolutely the thrill of the lift and the competition.  For me though, while I’m strong, I’m more often than not out-lifted.  So why do it?  Because it’s more than that for me – it’s never been specifically about lifting or running or competing, but constantly surprising myself with all I can do and all I can accomplish when I train hard and set my mind right. I never would have suspected at 250+ pounds I’d one day be a runner, a trainer, or a strength athlete lifting 325 pounds.

Powerlifting is not anything I ever imagined doing, but once I gave it a try I surprised myself and fell in love.  It’s also become a doorway for overcoming some of the games our minds can play, as your mind (your confidence and belief in yourself) is every bit as much a part of each lift as your actual skill and strength. The longer I train, the more I’m able to take that skill and apply it in other areas of my life.

That, quite simply, rocks!

How do you want to surprise yourself today?

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