Back & Hips Stretches: An Update About My Thing

Time for an update!

I’m happy to report that after training both Monday and Tuesday, I got my thing done! Two out of 3 down, at least one to go.

Monday, same as last week, was shoulders/arms. I repeated the Triceps Stretch I did last week, and then I performed several stretches on a machine called a Precor Stretch Trainer (you’ll probably only have access to one of these in a gym).

This machine assists with stretching nearly the entire body just by shifting your body into different positions. There is a panel on the front that provides instructions for using the machine to stretch your upper and lower back, shoulders, hips, quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

I highly recommend giving it a try if you have access to one. I performed several sets of stretches for shoulders and upper/lower back. Once again, once I got started it felt fantastic, and I wondered why this has been so hard for me to incorporate regularly!
Tuesdays I typically train back and hamstrings. If you recall, last week after this workout, my new thing completely slipped my mind and my training partner totally called me out on it.  THIS week, at the end of our session I said, “I need to stretch now!” No more trick questions! He said, “you know, that’s probably not a bad idea” and while I stretched my hamstrings and back, he did some stretching of his own.

I started with the Hamstrings stretch from last Saturday, then moved on to this Back stretch:

I actually performed this one holding onto a gym machine rather than with my hands against the wall as shown in this photo (I feel I get a better stretch when I can actually hold on).

To perform this stretch, face a wall and bend over at the waist. Place your hands on the wall about shoulder width apart and at about the same height as your waist, and hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.

Mmmm….feel that? It’s awesome!

The next stretch I did is mainly for the glutes and hips and can seem somewhat like a game of Twister, but I guarantee you it’s worth figuring out (plus, Twister is fun, right?!).

To perform this stretch:
– sit on the floor and bend your right knee placing your right foot as near as possible to your left glute (that’s your left butt cheek, folks :))
– cross your left leg over your right leg and place your left foot next to your right knee
– place your left hand on the floor behind your left glute, and
– “hug” your left knee with your right arm
– while you hug your knee closer, twist (gently!) your upper body toward your left hand
– hold for 20-30 seconds, then switch sides


And now, a story. When I sat down to this exercise, I ooh’d and ahhh’d about how great it felt, so my training partner decided to join me in this one. I showed him the positioning and then watched him try to maneuver into position…and watched…and watched…
All I have to say about THAT is that after that demonstration (it never happened), I should have a new partner in this endeavor (after getting called out on it last week, no less)!

Time for your mid-week check in. Leave a note and let me know how your thing is going. Remember we’re aiming for small, incremental changes week to week. Don’t expect perfection overnight. Patience, practice…we’re building a foundation. If you haven’t joined in yet, why not? Use #SAT2 on Twitter, leave a comment here, or hit me up on Facebook!





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