“Anything in Life is Possible, if You Make it Happen”

That was the message Jack Lalanne delivered every time he spoke and that was the type of life he lived until he passed at 96 years old. He worked out religiously, he ate well (nothing processed, ever) and credits fitness with changing his life. He stuck by his convictions when most doubted and questioned his practice.

He was once quoted, “I only think about this day. This is the moment I’ve been living for. I don’t care how long I live, but I want to live while I’m living. You gotta work at living. Dying is the easiest thing there is. I don’t want to end up in a sanitarium. I’d rather wear out than rust out.”

He was focused on living for this day and living for this moment (a New Day Rising each day, it seems) and nothing could hold him back from something he set out to accomplish.

What can you do today to make it happen for you?

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