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I never actually set out in life to be a personal trainer, but about 10 years ago, weighing in at over 250lbs, I started down this long road barely able to lift myself off the floor. Fitness was the furthest thing from my mind, and I actually feared the gym, sweat, movement. I didn’t know a rep from a set, and I knew nothing about an effective workout. I started working out because it was something I thought I *had* to do, and begrudgingly at that.

Fast forward several years. Through the patient guidance and gentle nudging from an online trainer–and now someone I consider a mentor and friend–I lost 115lbs and bloomed into an athlete with a love for all things “fitness.” I could not have dreamed how much this ‘fitness thing’ has changed my life!

Since then I’ve had some amazing experiences and opportunities: I’ve run five half marathons, I’ve been an exercise model, I’m a record-setting powerlifter…I’ve done things I never imagined I could possibly accomplish (and things I never even considered TRYING), and fitness is now a regular and integral part of my life.

With all I’ve learned and all I’ve gained, I decided I needed to find a better way to share this new passion and all of this joy. In 2006, I became a trainer myself and now I’ve started Bloom Fitness with the hope of honoring the gift I was given by extending my hand to someone else.

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